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Why Slide on Sunglasses for UV Protection?

When thinking about protecting ourselves from the sun, most of us would think of the other steps of ‘Slip slop slap seek slide’. We are used to practices such as: using sunscreen, finding shade, and...

Attention Outdoor Workers

Did you know that people who work outdoors are at the highest risk of developing skin cancer?  Skin cancer can develop when a person is overexposed to ultraviolet radiation, which is the invisible...

Skin Care for Winter

Skin can only be damaged in summer right? Wrong! Skin cancer doesn’t come from heat, but from UV levels. The snow can have particularly more intense UV levels, so here are some tips to help you...

Common Myths About Sunburn and Sun Damage

I'm sure you'll agree: sunburn is not fun! It's something most people aim to avoid in their everyday lives. However there are some common myths about sunburn many believe are true. It may surprise...

Is Sunscreen Safe for Infants?

While wearing sunscreen is so important for protection from the dangers of UV rays, does wearing sunscreen pose a risk for babies? The cancer council gives great advice to help anyone with any...

Good Reasons To Get Checked

If you work outdoors, participate in outdoor sports, are over 50, have a personal or family history of Skin Cancer, or have ever been sunburnt, now is the time to get your skin checked.


Skin cancers are the most common cancers in Australia, with two out of three Australians developing at least one during their lifetime. At Qutis our goal is to provide patients with a comprehensive skin check, skin cancer education and management of skin cancers.


Qutis is Geelong’s only general practice based skin check clinic, which means you don’t need a referral from your doctor. We are locally owned, so our focus is you. We provide a wide range of management regimes for you to benifit from.


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