Despite bringing the world to a halt in 2020, COVID-19 has not altered skin cancer growth. One
person is diagnosed with skin cancer every half and hours in Australia. This creates an unfortunate
circumstance, as those most at risk of COVID-19 complications (i.e. elderly, immunosuppressed) are
also those most at risk of skin cancer. A study produced by in the United Kingdom demonstrated that
all skin cancer treatment was negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Skin Check Clinics, like our own, are considered an essential service in Australia to enable the
ongoing care and management of our community’s skin. At Qutis, we take on board all Government
recommendations to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the ongoing safety of our patients
and staff. These measures include regular cleaning, temperature checks and compulsory mask
wearing inside the clinic to protect even the most vulnerable of our patients.

The pandemic has shown that it is important for patients and their doctors to weigh the risk of
exposure to COVID-19 and the risk of untreated skin cancer. Whilst the situation is under control in
Victoria, it is important to ensure you are undertaking your regular skin cancer checks.

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