While wearing sunscreen is so important for protection from the dangers of UV rays, does wearing sunscreen pose a risk for babies? The cancer council gives great advice to help anyone with any queries regarding sunscreen, and gives us a helpful insight into the risks and benefits of putting sunscreen on infants.

They tell us “The widespread use of sunscreen on babies under the age of six months is not generally recommended”. 

But why is something so vital in skin protection not recommended? It has everything to do with infants more sensitive skin and their susceptibility in suffering a reaction. For children under the age of 1, it’s recommended by the cancer council that they’re kept “away from direct sunlight as much as possible when UV levels are 3 or above” and for parents to “aim to minimise time outside during the middle of the day during the summer period when UV levels are at their strongest .”

As always, with everyone regardless of age, additional forms of sun protection are always recommended. This includes things such as shade, hats, and other protective clothing. With infants, make sure to check that these items are in position regularly so that they are protected at all times.

If you do chose to use sunscreen “on small parts of [your] baby’s skin” as the cancer council continues, please choose a baby safe sunscreen. You can also talk to your GP or a pharmacist for more advice. 

For more information please consult: cancer.org.au/cancer-information/causes-and-prevention/sun-safety/about-sunscreen/sunscreen-faqs