Most glass is almost completely protective against UVB rays, but fewer are protective against UVA. UVB is the ray type which is known to cause sunburn, so it is difficult to get sunburnt through glass. Although UVA is much more similar to visible light, and hence can pass through many types of glass. Therefore, although you may be safe from sunburn, you may not be safe from skin damage. UVA rays are the type that cause tanning, but they also cause skin aging and wrinkles. Both UVA and UVB exposure overtime can contribute to skin cancer.

When it comes to your daily drive in your car, the windshield is usually tinted to protect from UVB and UVA rays but usually front and rear windows are not protective from UVA. It’s important to consider this before you pack up for your next trip or head on your daily drive. Remember to think protective clothing, sunscreen and sunglasses for those parts exposed to the bright light of the windows.

For long term protection in your car, think about getting tinted window film for your car side and rear windows to add fulltime UVA protection to your already UVB resistant windows. This will save you from long-term skin damage from UV rays which can be acquired every single time your drive your car.

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