Skin can only be damaged in summer right? Wrong! Skin cancer doesn’t come from heat, but from UV levels. The snow can have particularly more intense UV levels, so here are some tips to help you watch out for any dangers this winter holidays! 

First and foremost, keep protected, especially at higher altitudes. Because the atmosphere is thinner there, it absorbs less of the sun’s UV radiation. The intensity is increased by about 10-12% every extra 1000 metres in altitude! Remember to apply your sunscreen 20 minutes before going outside, and re-apply every 2 hours for protection.

Interestingly, snow is reflective of UV radiation! When it’s sunny, fresh and clean snow can reflect up to 90% (almost double) of UV radiation! Because of this, always remember to apply sunscreen to areas that we don’t always think about the sun reaching from above. For example, places like under our nose tips, under our chins and behind the ears. 

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