For some people, makeup is simply a part of day to day life. We can wear it in almost every situation. But how about for a skin check appointment? Does having makeup on any body part disrupt the process in any way? Michigan dermatologist Dr Arjun Dupati gives us an insight into how wearing makeup affects your regular full body skin check:

The Answer

Unfortunately wearing makeup during a skin check is a big no. Dr Dupati tells us “makeup can obscure the visibility of any irregularities on the skin.” In your skin check doctors are looking for “any signs of skin cancer, including changes in the size, shape, color, or texture of moles or other areas of skin. However, makeup can make it difficult […] to see these irregularities, as it may cover up the very features that they are looking for.”

One of the main tools our doctors use for your skin check is a dermatoscope. This apparatus of magnifying skin “relies on clear and unobstructed views of the skin”. So this provides another reason why makeup shouldn’t be worn during a skin check.

Finally, Dr Arjun tells us what seems to be the most important reason for keeping your skin makeup free during a full skin check. “wearing makeup during a skin cancer screening can lead to false-negative results. If your dermatologist is unable to see any irregularities on the skin due to makeup, they may miss early signs of skin cancer. This can delay diagnosis and treatment, which can be especially harmful in the case of aggressive skin cancers such as melanoma.”

Clearly its crucial that you come makeup free to your skin check.

Other things to keep in mind

Just as make-up can inhibit your doctor’s ability to give a thorough skin check, wearing nail polish can block the view of any potential cancerous moles or spots under your nails. Skin cancer can still grow on nails, on fingers and nail beds so to see that no spot gets left unchecked remove any nail polish before coming in.

We look forward to seeing you at Qutis, with your beautiful natural faces, makeup free!